(It's fine, I'm great y'kno, that's just-)
Yeah, no It's Fine
You feel me man if that's the plan
I'll wait here just give me the sign
Cause this is Love or so we Say
Get broken hearts but we'll restart
We'll fall in love another day

Laugh at my jokes I'll ignore my apprehensions
Forgive n forget regardless of intention
I won't let you down.
(Please don't lie to me)

And when you sell
You know I'll buy
You know the words
The nouns and verbs
No, you don't even have to try.
Yeah you can claim
And I'll believe
And when it crumbles down before me
I won't even get to grieve 'cause

We're in a loop we both can see
Ya promise the moon, the skies and the sea
(I'll believe anything)
Say you'll give anything to me
(except for boundaries)

And the bar was on the floor
it was so low and yet your toe was stubbed,
And I was snubbed, and you showed me the door
(and even if I saw it comin', I still came crawling back for more)

If every case can't be my fault
In just a blink you had me think
A hit to pride was still assault (ew!)

'Cause every time I see through a delusion
You lose your cool like there's need for retribution
What did I do wrong? (it must be my fault)
What did I do wrong?


from Kodapendent: The Ex Files, released July 19, 2019


all rights reserved



Dakoda "Puddle" Star Irvine, California

I make sounds.

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